Monday, March 29, 2010

Wedding Goodies

I've been trying to make as much as I possibly can for my upcoming wedding. So far, I've made our flower girl pail:Our unity candles and stands (only the main one is shown here):

and the bridesmaids' hair clips:

I've also got our ring bearer pillow done, but I'm being lazy and don't want to get it at the moment, I'll have to post it later. We are starting to stamp and assemble our invitations now. It's been a long time coming, we've been waiting on stamp ink to be half off at Hobby Lobby, because I'm cheap =], and it never was until this past week. So, we started at it. It's been fun so far getting everything done and it's mainly all homemade. Next comes the centerpiece assembly. I'll post that later when I start that. It's pretty much all being made from Dollar Tree items and Goodwill too.


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