Monday, November 22, 2010

Dollar Tree wreath

I have a few wreath forms and needed to do something with them. I went to the Dollar Tree, and they really have some cute things! I wanted to make a Christmas wreath, since I haven't yet. If you want to make this, here's what you need:

- 8" wreath form
- 3 strands of rope garland
- red paint
- small and large Christmas bulbs
- large snowflake ornaments
- hot glue

I wrapped the garland around. Now, this is 12' garland and it didn't even cover half of the wreath form, so I would suggest 2 or 3 strands. Also, I would paint the form red or whatever color you're going to use, because the green peeked out a little bit. I learned this after I covered the first half, so I had to go in between the holes and touch it up.

So, after I got this done...I had to rip it apart because I didn't have any more garland. I had to travel back to the Dollar Tree, which I went to another one in town, and they didn't have any of this type of garland. So, we went to the original one I got the garland at. They only had one more strand and it looked like a toddler got ahold of it, because it was all tore up. So, I had to settle with some silver and got 2 strands just to be safe, which I'm glad I did.

After I took the red off, I went ahead and painted it so that the green wouldn't show through.

Here you can see where I ripped off the the way, that pink isn't my carpet! =] It's a towel.

So anyhow, I alternated the red with the silver, for every 2 silver there was a red. I think it turned out cute, kinda reminds me of a candy cane.

Then, I embellished it with some snowflake ornaments and bulbs. I didn't want to use a lot, because I thought it would be overwhelming. Here it is...not that hard, but it's been a pain! =]


Kat said...

Love this! So simple, and I really love how your supplies from the dollar store!

Jen said...

Love this wreath!!
Simple & affordable...gotta love that!!

ErickaModesto said...

Very cute! What a great idea and such a simple look!

Dacia said...

This is a very cute wreath!

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