Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Yard Stick Star

 I went from not posting anything for over a year, to posting TWO blogs in a week! What is going on?! Anyways, I wanted to make this star for awhile now and I thought Christmas would be a great time for it.
    The first thing I did was paint 5 yard sticks white, you could paint them any color you want. Of course, you do this on plastic bags in your living room. Where else would you do it?!

    Next, I laid out the yard sticks in a star formation and tied each end with twine.
Then, I wrapped each end with twine several times to make sure it was secure. Then tied it in a knot on the backside. I used wood glue to secure the yard sticks in the middle, otherwise they were loose.
 Here is the finished project. Not the most difficult project, but I think it turned out nice. I wanted it to look a little rustic with the twine holding the ends together. I think all I need now is to add some white lights around the edge and hang it outside for Christmas.


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